Who Would Benefit from this Module?

This module is designed specifically to support teams and leaders to collaborate in the new world of work. This is for teams who need to refocus on team health and the best ways of working.


Collaboration is a critical factor in team performance, team health and project success. Strong teamwork is made up of several key elements and how the team behaves is the foundation for success. By looking at the most current and trusted models of high performing teams, we can understand how self-awareness and understanding of others break down the barriers to effective team working. In this module we will explore:

●       Leadership skills for excellent collaboration

●       The importance of understanding difference in teams

●       The habits and behaviours of high performing teams

●       Collaborative communication for teams

Learning Outcomes

●       Understand the foundations for creating team purpose and effective team working

●       Analyse how to engage, motivate and support collaborative working for your team

●       Understand key considerations for creating and maintaining effective teams

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